Digital signage solutions from hionic

Stand out from competitors and communicate advertising messages digitally

Digital signage solutions are more than just advertising

We offer you everything that is possible with digital signage, for example:

  • Interactive shop solutions

  • Visitors welcome

  • Digital information posters

  • Large-scale media presentations

Individual solutions are our strength. Whether for customer information with displays and steles – as indoor or outdoor variants, as a home info-channel for clinics and hotels, or a complete room-booking system for small and large conference centres – we supply and install not only the right software, but also the necessary hardware for the 24/7 continuous operation. Upon request, our professional media designer also takes on the content design in accordance with your specifications.
Naturally, you will receive a solid training from us, so that you can use the technology effectively in everyday working life.

Especially in the retail sector, you can use digital ads to attract the attention of customers and to point-out special offers or visually enhance the shopping experience. Digital signage is modern and offers many more presentation options than traditional printed signage. Change the ads in real-time, without much hassle and waiting time for printing.

Use digital signage solutions in clinics and hotels. Greet your patients or guests in the entrance area with a friendly message and inform them of all the options during their stay. Interactive check-in desks, directions or specific directions to meeting rooms and events, displays with menus – there are many possibilities. In particular, short-term appointments or information changes are possible more quickly and transparently through real-time displays.

Companies can use digital signage solutions to improve their internal communication. Plan the use of meeting-rooms effectively and present them on the corresponding displays. Announcements, schedule changes or industry news can always be displayed in a visible and centrally-controlled manner on the company premises for all the employees. Digital signage concepts also offer interesting possibilities for visitors, allowing them to get an initial insight into your company in the reception area. Awaken their interest with pictures from the production or special facts about the enterprise. As part of one of our projects, a complete theatre was equipped with networked displays. Staff and performers watch live broadcasts of the stage and the exact times of their appearances – this makes internal communication even faster.

In the catering sector, digital signage solutions can replace classic menu boards. Digital menu displays allow changes to be made in the shortest possible time. Do your prices need correcting? Instead of having all the copies of the menus reprinted, you can easily and quickly change only the corresponding price. This saves costs in the long run. Of course, different menus, depending on the time of day, automated by time-setting, are also possible.

Your advantages with digital signage solutions:

  • More dynamics and interactivity through visual presentation

  • Low cost

  • Direct communication (internal and external)

  • Process optimization (more effective internal processes)

  • Promotional (moving content and modern image)

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