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Light is a particularly lively and captivating design instrument which fascinates people and directs their attention to the essentials. With sophisticated solutions and stylish lighting design, we at hionic not only provide illuminated rooms and real estate, but also a holistic, dynamic building concept with excellent lighting technology. It is about more than just assembling light sources, it is about integrating the entire building services in order to create a holistic lighting concept. In addition, we would be pleased to advise you on how you can conveniently operate your entire lighting technology with an intuitive media control.

A creative lighting concept opens up numerous possibilities for you; focus on the architecture, create a rousing atmosphere or, with sophisticated lighting management, ensure maximum functionality and operational safety in your property. Our imaginative lighting consultation and sophisticated lighting technology make your lighting concept an experience.

Enjoy intelligent lighting concepts!
Your lighting concept can be an eye-catcher or highlight an important element, it can create a feeling of security and trust, or ensure an exciting moment. A professional lighting design and individually-tailored lighting technology is particularly important so that your premises is perfectly lit both privately and in the commercial environment.

Lighting planning for commercial real estate: functionality meets lighting design

The optimisation of operation through lighting design: No matter whether you want to put the façade of your building in the limelight or rely on functional lighting concepts for the premises, sophisticated lighting management forms the basis of modern facility management, especially in the commercial environment.

Innovative lighting design on your company premises supports your safety system and can ensure an optimised operating environment; adequately illuminated corridors, a bright entrance area and reliable motion detectors with integrated lighting technology ensure a safe and motivating environment for you and your staff.

Perfect staging through clever lighting concepts: Even shop-owners can benefit from professional lighting design. With a light management tailored to your business, and the appropriate lighting technology from hionic, you ensure perfectly-lit goods. An attractive lighting design in the salesrooms increases customer satisfaction and can even increase sales.

Enchanting lighting design for your home

Seeing and feeling: Light means life, and the right lighting concept creates well-being in one’s own four walls. An extensive lighting design ensures a stylish interior design, including individual lighting design. Sensibly-used and high-quality blinds, for example, not only regulate the incidence of light, but also support the air-conditioning technology in your home.

Convenient to use and individually designed, a stylish lighting design effectively transforms your home into an incomparable living space. Modern light control via touchscreen makes it easier for you to regulate your lighting technology. We will show you which technical refinements in terms of lighting planning our wide range of home and air conditioning technology can offer you, and which control components optimally support your individual system.

Lighting technology by the professionals | hionic

Contact us for professional lighting design and be inspired by our lighting designers – we will show you how to get the most out of your property when it comes to lighting design.

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