Installation service for your satellite system

Do you want to get your new satellite system or head-end station professionally installed and set up, or do you need a reliable broadband connection for residential and commercial properties in Dresden?
If so, we are the right contact for you.

We offer you a complete service for:

  • Planning

  • Delivery and installation

  • Repair and maintenance

Feel-good quality is today also related to the multimedia equipment. TV-coverage plays an important role here. We maintain long-term business relationships in this area with clinics, hotels and residential accommodation, as well as co-operatives and real estate companies.

In addition to setting up new reception technology, we also offer the conversion of existing systems to digital reception using existing lines. A check of the line quality in the home-network with special measuring devices, and the elimination of disturbances and inclinations to the quality optimisation, is gladly taken over by our service technicians. The connection to a hotel booking software or the full integration of a pay-TV system solution in the existing or new antenna network of the house can be done as a classic system solution, or as an IP-TV system.

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