Video control systems and technology

With intelligent video control, you provide extra security both in the commercial environment, and in your own home. Individually-tailored to your needs, we create a holistic concept for a complete video control system.

Our wide range of products offer exactly the components you need for a reliable monitoring system. Whether it is a single video camera or an all-encompassing control system which includes hard-disk recorders and network-compatible devices, we will install a comprehensive video monitoring system for you, so you can keep an eye on everything. Our experienced employees will be pleased to provide you with detailed advice.

Enjoy your individual safety concept

Know-how meets innovative video control technology: Ensure the safe monitoring of your commercial property or your own home. Our video monitoring systems provide individual solutions, as well as powerful technical components. For us, innovation is not just a word, but our concept of what we do. To be mobile and flexible is typical for today and this is why our portfolio includes modern video control, which seamlessly connects to your smart-home so you can access your camera control from anywhere.

Video control systems for your smart-home

Safe and smart with hionic.
Hionic video control systems include professional security technology to protect your business or home. The highlight: Our monitoring systems can be quickly and easily integrated into your home-network via network technology. For example, you can conveniently control and see all the video monitors from your tablet, smart TV, or computer. From your tablet, PC or smartphone, you can even access the video control technology on the move and thus look after the right one.

Modern video control technology

To get crisp images with high-resolution camera technology, you can order high-performance technology with full HD resolution and moving camera modules.

Our comprehensive product range includes sensitive motion detectors with reliable sensors, monitoring technology for permanent camera monitoring and various storage options – from hard-disk storage to cloud computing. In addition, effective camera dummies can be installed to keep thieves and burglars away.

Simply select the right recording or playback device that best suits your needs, or trust our specialists; we can find the optimum monitoring concept and reliably install the entire technology in your building.

Secure your building – video control from hionic

Your advantages:

  • Extensive advice on our video control systems
  • Individual video control concept
  • Modern and reliable video control technology
  • Installation and assembly by experienced personnel


Service & installation of video control systems

Our technicians professionally assemble the complete video control technology and install the associated software. Of course, we can also take over the new wiring, if necessary. In many companies, this step is unnecessary, as our video control systems can be easily integrated into your network. Just contact our friendly service personnel.

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